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Darkness Reimagined: deLima's Midnight Serenade

The Darkest Dream

Immerse in the deep allure of the night with our Midnight Blend. This coffee is not just dark; it's a dance on the precipice, a homage to the roaster's craft. Sourced exclusively from 100% Arabica beans, our blend is roasted to the very edge of its spectrum, presenting you with the darkest possible hue without ever burning the essence.


  • Bold Aesthetic: A coffee as dark as a starless night, presenting an almost mystical shade that promises an intense flavor journey.

  • Artisanal Roasting: We push boundaries with this blend, taking the roast to its limits while maintaining the innate characteristics of Arabica.

  • Pure Arabica Depth: The pedigree of 100% Arabica beans ensures a coffee experience that's unparalleled, even in its darkest form.

  • Whole Bean Vigor: Whole beans to capture the enigma of the night, promising a brew that is as fresh as it is profound.

  • Ample Brews Ahead: Our 2-32oz bags ensure your nights are filled with the comforting embrace of our darkest brew.

🔥 A Brew Like No Other: Midnight Blend is for those who desire depth in their cup, who relish the intoxicating allure of night distilled into their brew.

🎁 The Gift of Depth: For those who adore the deep, intense pleasures of coffee, our 4-pound cases, holding two 2-32oz whole bean bags, are an ode to the fervor of the darkest hours.

💡 Serving Suggestion: Unlock the night by grinding the beans right before brewing. Savor it black to experience the nuances or add a dash of cream to mellow its intensity.

🛒 Unleash the Night: Dive deep into the darkest recesses of coffee with our 2-32oz whole bean Midnight Blend. Choose our 4-pound cases and let each cup be a sonnet to the mysteries of the night. ☕🌌🌙