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The Epitome of Elegance: Prestige Blend Ground

Bright & Bold, Smooth & Sweet

Lose yourself in the rhythmic dance of flavors with our Prestige Blend, an exceptional harmony of the finest-rated Arabica beans sourced from the vibrant heartlands of Central and South America. Crafted with meticulous attention, every sip tells a tale of unmatched quality and passion.


  • A Symphony of Arabicas: A signature blend of the crème de la crème, merging together to craft a cup that's an ode to luxury.

  • Flavor Profile: Discover an inviting touch of sweetness, balanced with the perfect measure of acidity, offering a gentle caress to the palate.

  • Ground Goodness: Ready-to-brew convenience packed with unmatched taste, ensuring you dive right into a rich coffee experience.

  • Sustained Satisfaction: Relish the lasting embrace of a pleasantly dissipating aftertaste that keeps the essence alive, long after the sip.

  • Bountiful Brews: Forty-two 2oz packets ensure your coffee moments are always luxurious and ever-enchanting.

🔥 The deLima Promise: With our Prestige Blend Ground, we guarantee more than just coffee—it's a promise of precision, ensuring every sip is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to excellence.

🎁 Elevate Every Moment: Opt for our individual 2oz ground packs or indulge in our 42-count 2oz case, each offering a magnificent coffee experience that's fit for connoisseurs.

💡 Serving Suggestion: Pour hot water over the grounds, letting the aroma tease your senses before diving into a cup that’s equal parts elegance and flavor.

🛒 Crafted for Connoisseurs: Step into the world of deLima with our 2oz Prestige Blend Ground. Available as individual packs or in 42-count 2oz cases, every choice promises sophistication in every sip. ☕🌱❤️

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