Kenya AA - Roaster's Choice - 12.00 Oz

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Exquisite African Elegance: Kenya AA Bean Whole

Roaster's Choice Brilliance

Dive deep into a coffee journey masterfully crafted, bringing forth the elegance of Africa and an unmatched taste pedigree.


  • Acidity: Bright, wine-like
  • Body: Medium, well-structured
  • Flavor: Berry notes with a winey richness, hint of citrus
  • Aftertaste (Finish): Smooth, with a lingering wine-like essence
  • Balance: A harmonious blend of bright acidity and rich flavor
  • Complexity: Engaging with a sophisticated flavor profile reminiscent of a good wine
  • Cleanliness: Clear, defined flavors with a clean, crisp finish

🔥 The deLima Signature: Every bean is a tribute to our passion for coffee and our commitment to delivering nothing but the best.

🎁 Prestige in Every Packet: Our 12oz bag houses the magic of Kenya, beans that narrate tales of African landscapes, wild and beautiful.

💡 Brewing Insights: Grind right before brewing to unlock the full spectrum of flavors. Let the coffee bloom, and enjoy the winey notes, characteristic of the Kenya AA.

🛒 Discover the African Magic: Choose our 12oz Kenya AA Bean Whole, and embark on a tasting journey that's a testament to the majesty of Kenyan coffee. ☕🍇🌄