deLima Coffee Mug Set

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Introducing the "deLima Mug Set," a charming and thoughtful gift perfect for any occasion. This petite set is a delightful blend of warm beverages and sweet treats, elegantly presented in a keepsake mug. It's an ideal gift for friends, family, or colleagues, offering a taste of comfort and joy.


  • Prestige Coffee (2oz): A sample of our finest Prestige blend, known for its rich flavor and luxurious aroma. This small batch provides just the right amount for a couple of indulgent cups.

  • Hot Chocolate Envelope (1 unit): A single serving of our creamy and rich hot chocolate, perfect for a cozy, sweet moment.

  • Tea Selection (1 envelope each):

    • Decaf Tea: A relaxing, decaffeinated blend for a calm tea experience.
    • Orange Pekoe Tea: A classic, subtly flavored black tea that's both refreshing and invigorating.
  • Sugar Swizzle (1 unit): Sweeten your beverages just to your liking with this convenient and charming sugar swizzle.

  • Candy Cane: Adding a festive touch, this candy cane can be enjoyed as a sweet treat or used to stir your hot beverage for a hint of mint.

  • Charming Keepsake Mug: All these delightful contents come in a beautifully designed mug, perfect for enjoying your hot beverages. The mug is a lasting keepsake that will remind the recipient of your thoughtful gift. Please note, mug colors may vary, adding a unique surprise element to each gift.

The "deLima Mug Set" is more than just a gift; it's a warm gesture that combines the pleasures of fine coffee, soothing tea, and delightful sweets. Compact and beautifully packaged, this set is the perfect 'thinking of you' gesture, holiday treat, or appreciation gift. It's a small but mighty way to convey warmth and care to someone special. 



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