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Presenting the Coffee Lovers Gift Pack, a meticulously curated collection designed for true coffee aficionados. This pack is a celebration of diverse coffee flavors and aromas, offering a journey through some of the finest coffee blends. It's an ideal choice for anyone who cherishes their coffee moments, be it a seasoned coffee connoisseur or a novice exploring the rich world of coffee.


  • Ground Coffee Selections (12oz each):

    • Classic Blend: A timeless favorite, offering a smooth, well-rounded coffee experience.
    • Colombian: Known for its rich, mild flavor, this Colombian coffee provides a delightful balance of aroma and taste.
    • French Roast: A bold choice with a deep, intense flavor profile, perfect for those who love a strong cup.
  • Specialty Coffee Varieties (2oz each):

    • Prestige Blend (2 units): A luxurious blend, crafted for a unique and refined flavor experience.
    • Kona (2 units): From the slopes of Hawaii, this coffee is renowned for its smooth, rich taste with a hint of tropical sweetness.
    • Midnight Blend (2 units): A dark, mysterious blend, ideal for those who enjoy a robust, full-bodied coffee.
  • Chocolate Biscottis (2 units): Perfectly baked, these chocolate biscottis are the ideal companion for any coffee, adding a sweet, crunchy treat to your coffee ritual.

The Coffee Lovers Gift Pack is more than just a collection of coffees; it's an invitation to savor and appreciate the diverse characteristics and nuances of world-class coffee blends. From the smoothness of the Classic Blend to the exotic richness of Kona, each selection has been chosen to offer a distinct coffee experience. Accompanied by delightful chocolate biscottis, this gift pack promises to elevate the coffee-drinking experience, making it a thoughtful and cherished gift for any coffee lover.


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