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Noir Gift Pack: The Dark Roast Collection

Introducing the Noir Gift Pack, a specially curated collection for lovers of dark roast coffee. This pack is a tribute to the deep, intense flavors of dark roast blends, crafted for those who savor the bold and rich notes in their coffee. Accompanied by luxurious dark chocolate truffles, this gift pack is a sophisticated choice for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.


  • Ground French Roast Coffee (12oz each, 2 units): A double serving of our French Roast coffee, known for its smoky, caramelized flavor. This dark roast is perfect for those who enjoy a strong, robust cup with pronounced depth.

  • Specialty Dark Roast Coffees:

    • Midnight Blend (2oz, 2 units): A mysterious and potent blend, the Midnight is for the adventurous palate, offering a complex, full-bodied experience.
    • Versailles Blend (2.5oz, 2 units): Named after the famed Palace of Versailles, this blend is as regal as it is rich. It presents a unique profile, combining the boldness of dark roast with subtle, refined undertones.
  • Dark Chocolate Truffles: Complement your dark roast coffee experience with these exquisite dark chocolate truffles. Each truffle is a bite of heaven, with a velvety texture and a deep, intense chocolate flavor that pairs beautifully with the coffee.

The Noir Gift Pack is more than just a collection of dark roasts; it's an exploration of the depth and intensity that coffee can offer. Each element of this pack has been selected to enhance the dark roast experience, from the smoky notes of the French Roast to the luxurious richness of the dark chocolate truffles. This gift pack is perfect for those who cherish the stronger side of coffee, offering a journey through bold flavors and indulgent treats. Whether as a gift for a dark roast devotee or a personal treat, the Noir Gift Pack promises a truly elevated coffee experience. 


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