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Savor the Essence: deLima Coffee's Classic Blend

Dive into the heart of coffee artistry with our Classic Blend, a testament to deLima Coffee's commitment to perfection. Celebrated for its seamless balance and exceptional smoothness, this blend is the epitome of a flawless medium roast.

Tasting Highlights: Experience a bright, crisp acidity paired with a medium, well-rounded body. Flavors of nuttiness and chocolate lead to a smooth caramel finish, embodying a harmonious marriage of taste and aroma. Enjoy the clarity of distinct, delightful flavors across a spectrum of tastes.

Authenticity in Every Sip: Each cup invites you to the very coffee estates where our passion for purity and depth of flavor blossoms.

The Perfect Gift: Our Classic Blend is an ideal present for any occasion, offering a warm embrace of love, tradition, and excellence.

Brewing Tip: For the perfect cup, use freshly filtered water and enjoy within 30 minutes of brewing to fully embrace the unique character of our Classic Blend.