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Decaf French Vanilla Dream: A deLima Coffee Signature

🍦🍂 Sip the Sweetness, Without the Buzz 🍦🍂

Experience the magic of Parisian cafes without the caffeine kick, thanks to our Decaf French Vanilla Coffee. As an iconic brew in our flavored coffee range, every sip is a gentle touch of velvety sweetness, promising a harmonious blend of aroma and flavor, without the usual jolt.

✅ Features:

  • Decaf Delight: All the sumptuousness of French vanilla, meticulously decaffeinated, for moments of calm indulgence.

  • Bean Brilliance: Relish the richness and aroma unique to whole beans. Ideal for those who cherish the fresh grind and brew experience, now in a decaf variation.

  • Premium Packaging: Packaged in two 32oz bags, comprising a generous 4-pound case, ensuring your beans stay as fresh as the day they were roasted.

🌱 Time-Tested Elegance: Our Decaf French Vanilla remains a treasured choice amongst our patrons, striking a perfect balance between exquisite taste and relaxation.

ğŸŽ Gifting Grace: Spread the joy of decaffeinated French Vanilla to friends and loved ones. Whether celebrating special moments or simply sending warm thoughts, this 4-pound whole bean case stands out as a sophisticated gesture.

💡 Serving Suggestion: For best results, grind fresh and brew in your preferred style, letting the luscious decaf vanilla notes unfold gracefully.

🛒 Choose your Moment: Go for the full-bodied 4-pound case, divided into two 32oz bags, and indulge in the luxury of whole bean elegance, decaffeinated. Elevate your serene coffee breaks with deLima's Decaf French Vanilla Dream. ☕🍦🍂

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