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Hazelnut Crunch Decaf: A deLima Coffee Classic - Now Decaf!

🌰🍫 Savor the Nutty Notes, Sans Caffeine 🌰🍫

Experience the same rich, aromatic embrace of our Hazelnut Crunch Coffee, this time without the caffeine. Our Decaf Whole Bean option maintains all the nutty splendor, ensuring a symphony of flavor from bean to brew, just with a gentler note to your energy levels.

✅ Features:

  • Caffeine-Free Comfort: All the deliciousness of our Hazelnut Crunch, minus the caffeine. Perfect for evening indulgence or for those seeking a milder coffee moment.

  • Whole Bean Wonder: Revel in the authenticity, grind to your heart's content, and let the decaffeinated aromatic potential shine.

  • Extended Freshness: Securely sealed in two sizable 32oz bags, for a total of 4 pounds, ensuring you have a lasting stock of this caffeine-free delight.

🍁 Legacy, Lighter: Embrace the classic hazelnut essence, now with a lighter touch, perfect for those serene, peaceful moments.

ğŸŽ Gift of Serenity: Treat your loved ones to the joy of Hazelnut Crunch without the kick. This 4-pound case of whole beans makes for a thoughtfully gentle gift.

💡 Serving Suggestion: Use a trusty grinder to harness the pure essence of these decaf beans, and watch as it brews the perfect cup every time.

🛒 Decaf Done Right: Delve into the deLima decaf difference with this 4-pound case (consisting of two 32oz bags). Relish in the Hazelnut Harmony, now lighter, but just as luscious. ☕🌰🍫