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Hazelnut Crunch: A deLima Coffee Classic

🌰🍫 A Nutty Symphony in Every Sip 🌰🍫

Step into the rich, aromatic embrace of our Hazelnut Crunch Coffee, now in its purest form as whole beans. As a crown jewel in our flavored coffee collection, it delivers a mesmerizing waltz of sweet and nutty nuances, ensuring a symphony of flavor from bean to brew.

✅ Features:

  • Best-Selling Brilliance: Adored for its impeccable interplay of sweetness and nutty depth, it's a flavor journey beloved by many.

  • Whole Bean Wonder: Keeping it fresh and authentic, these beans are your canvas to grind to your preferred consistency, unlocking a world of aromatic potential.

  • Unyielding Freshness: Packaged in two generous 32oz bags, totaling 4 pounds, this ensures you're equipped with the finest hazelnuts' notes for quite some time.

🍁 Legacy in Every Brew: We've honed in on the essence of hazelnut, presenting it in a bean that promises a legacy of flavor and aroma.

ğŸŽ Gift of Flavor: Share the joy of Hazelnut Crunch with coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts. This 4-pound case of whole beans is an exceptional gift, showcasing the pinnacle of our coffee crafting.

💡 Serving Suggestion: Use your favorite grinder to unlock the magic within these beans, crafting the perfect cup every time.

🛒 Savor The Size: Dive deep into the deLima experience with this 4-pound case (comprising two 32oz bags). Because when it comes to Hazelnut Harmony, it's a flavor worth immersing in. ☕🌰🍫