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A Tribute to Darkness and Depth

Descend into the mysterious allure of the midnight hour. This blend is crafted for those who seek the profound depths of flavor, a journey into coffee’s deepest realms.


  • The Darkest Hour: Midnight Blend is our absolute darkest roast. It's not just a coffee; it's a dedication to the art of roasting, pushed to its boldest limits.

  • Rich & Complex: Every sip offers layered flavors, dark and robust, yet perfectly balanced. It's an experience, not just a drink.

  • Smooth Finish: While it embarks on a deep and rich journey, it ends with a finish as smooth as the night's tranquil embrace.

  • Pure Arabica Brilliance: Made from 100% Arabica beans, ensuring the highest quality with every cup.

🔥 The deLima Promise: Passion, quality, and craftsmanship imbued in every granule.

🎁 Choices Galore: Whether you're indulging just for the night or stocking up, choose from 2oz Ground packs or our convenient 42 count 2oz cases.

💡 Brewing Insights: Let the dark waters brew, and as the aroma engulfs you, close your eyes. Feel the mystery, savor the complexity.

🛒 The Night Beckons: For the true coffee connoisseur, our Midnight Blend is an invitation. Step into the night; let its beauty and depth transform your coffee experience. ☕🌌🖤