Mocha Java Whole Bean - 4 lb Case

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Sail Through Time: deLima's Mocha Java Odyssey

A Blend From Yore

Journey back in time with Mocha Java, perhaps the world's inaugural coffee blend. Steeped in history and rich in flavor, our Mocha Java merges the vibrant energy of East African beans, once traded via the illustrious port of Mocha in Yemen, with the deep soulfulness of Indonesian Java beans.


  • Historical Confluence: A harmonious blend that captures the essence of two legendary coffee regions, converging centuries of flavor and tradition.

  • Balanced Flavor Profile: Dive into a coffee that perfectly marries the fruity allure of African beans with the grounding earthiness of Java.

  • 100% Arabica Purity: Savor the distinction of premium quality with our carefully curated 100% Arabica blend.

  • Whole Bean Journey: Experience coffee in its purest form, whole and unbroken, promising a fresher, more authentic brew.

  • Generous Adventures: With 2-32oz bags, your voyage through the annals of coffee history will be long and flavorful.

🔥 Taste of Antiquity: Mocha Java is a testament to the time-honored tradition of blending, offering a delightful medium-light roast that dances between continents and eras.

🎁 A Legacy in Every Cup: Our 4-pound cases, comprising two 2-32oz whole bean bags, are not just an offering of coffee, but a passage through time and tradition.

💡 Serving Suggestion: Grind right before brewing to fully unlock the tale of two ports. Enjoy it black to experience its narrative, or add a hint of cream to weave your own story.

🛒 Dive into Heritage: Immerse yourself in a historical expedition with our 2-32oz whole bean Mocha Java blend. Opt for our 4-pound cases and let each sip be a chapter from coffee's storied past. ☕🌍🕰️