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Uncompromised Taste: Prestige Decaf Ground

Bold & Brilliant, Without the Buzz

Discover the pure essence of Prestige without the caffeine kick. Our Prestige Decaf Blend brings you the same unparalleled taste of Central and South America's finest-rated Arabica beans, allowing you to indulge anytime, day or night.


  • Decaf Delight: A signature blend that captures the essence of Prestige, ensuring every cup is as delightful as the original, without the caffeine.

  • Flavor Profile: Relish the rich undertones with a touch of sweetness, harmonized with the ideal hint of acidity, making each sip a gentle dance on the palate.

  • Ground & Gracious: Dive into this caffeine-free blend, perfectly ground to serve up a moment of pure coffee joy.

  • Taste without the Toil: Enjoy the delightful, lingering aftertaste that continues to please long after your cup is empty.

  • Pure Pleasure: Forty-two 2oz packets meticulously crafted for those special moments when you want all the taste without the wakefulness.

🔥 The deLima Promise: With our Prestige Decaf Ground, we vow to deliver the luxury of Prestige, ensuring every cup is a masterclass in flavor, minus the caffeine.

🎁 Decaf Decadence: Choose between our individual 2oz ground packs or our 42-count 2oz case. Both options offer a flavorful journey without the caffeine.

💡 Serving Suggestion: Infuse the grounds with hot water, inhaling the signature aroma before treating yourself to a cup of caffeine-free perfection.

🛒 Crafted for the Connoisseur: Embrace the elegance with our 2oz Prestige Decaf Ground. Available as individual packs or in 42-count 2oz cases, each selection promises pure Prestige, punctuated by peace. ☕🌙❤️

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