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Deep & Decadent: French Roast Ground

Elegance, the French Way

Step into a Parisian café with every sip. Our French Roast captures the essence of sophisticated European coffee culture, bringing you a rich, deep flavor profile reminiscent of France's finest establishments.


  • Roast Mastery: Unearth the intense, bold flavors with our French Roast's dark notes, evoking moments beneath the Paris skyline.

  • Flavor Profile: Revel in the powerful depth, underlined by an aromatic richness that only the finest roasted beans can produce.

  • Ground to Perfection: Impeccably ground, every granule is a promise of an unparalleled coffee experience.

  • Evocative Essence: Each cup offers a lasting aftertaste, a lingering reminder of European elegance.

  • Consistently Crafted: Forty-two 2oz packets meticulously designed to ensure every serving is a ticket to the heart of France.

🔥 The deLima Promise: With our French Roast Ground, we strive to bring a piece of Paris to your cup, ensuring an authentic, memorable experience.

🎁 Parisian Prestige: Opt for our individual 2oz ground packs or our 42-count 2oz case. Each provides an opulent gateway to the charm of French cafés.

💡 Serving Suggestion: Allow the grounds to mingle with hot water, bask in the rich aroma, and then dive into a world of dark roast magnificence.

🛒 A Date with Destiny: Choose the luxury of our 2oz French Roast Ground. Whether individual packs or the 42-count 2oz cases, indulge in a rendezvous with richness. ☕🗼❤️