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Espresso Euphoria: deLima's Velvety Brew Experience

Elevate Every Espresso Moment

Unveiling our Espresso Roast, meticulously crafted to perfection. A very dark roast, this blend promises a velvety texture that elevates every sip. With each brew, witness a beautiful crema that not only speaks of its quality but also becomes a visual delight for every espresso enthusiast.


  • Espresso Excellence: Roasted to the precise darkness required, ensuring an optimal espresso experience every time.

  • Velvet in Every Cup: This blend produces a lusciously smooth texture, making every espresso moment truly unforgettable.

  • Perfect Crema Creation: Our roast is perfected to produce that dreamy crema when brewed through an espresso machine—a sign of a premium espresso shot.

  • Whole Bean Freshness: Enclosed in their whole form, our beans ensure maximum freshness, leading to richer flavors and a better brew.

  • Generous Proportions: For the genuine espresso aficionados, our 2-32oz bags offer ample beans to satisfy their discerning tastes.

🖤 Dark Roast Delight: This espresso roast is not just a coffee; it's an experience, inviting you into the world of rich flavors and delightful textures.

🎁 A Gift of Sophistication: For those who appreciate the art of espresso, our 4-pound cases, packed with two 2-32oz whole bean bags, become a thoughtful and premium gift choice.

💡 Serving Suggestion: Grind just before brewing to capture the intense flavors and aromas. Prepare with an espresso machine to witness the magnificent crema bloom.

🛒 Indulge in Espresso Excellence: Dive into the depths of espresso sophistication with our 2-32oz whole bean Espresso Roast. Opt for our 4-pound cases and embrace the velvety delight with every pull. ☕🖤🌫