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Embrace the Intensity with deLima Coffee's French Roast Ground

🌟 Awaken the Senses with Dark Roasted Elegance 🌟 Evoke the mystique of French cafés and the charm of cobbled streets with our French Roast Coffee. Dive deep into the intense symphony of flavors, where every sip is a rendezvous with the heart of dark roast.


  • Acidity: Low, muted
  • Body: Full, robust
  • Flavor: Rich with dark chocolate and roasted nut undertones
  • Aftertaste (Finish): Long-lasting with a smoky essence
  • Balance: Well-rounded, with the dark roast character shining through
  • Complexity: Bold with a deep flavor profile
  • Cleanliness: Distinct, with a hearty resonance of dark roast attributes

🌱 Dark, but Never Bitter: Our commitment lies in achieving that perfect roast level where the beans express their fullest flavor without any bitter aftertaste.

🎁 A Taste of France in a Bag: Perfect for those who appreciate the art of coffee roasting, transporting them straight to a quaint French café with each cup.

💡 Tip: Use freshly boiled water, cooled for a minute, to ensure the flavors are extracted optimally, creating a rich and aromatic brew.

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