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Two Marias: Exquisite Coffee Artistry from the Ella Collection by deLima Coffee

🌟 A Symphony of Flavors, a Story of Origins 🌟 From the verdant slopes of Finca Dos Marias in the La Reforma region of San Marcos, Guatemala, comes our Two Marias blend – an offering that encapsulates the soul of its terroir, and a toast to the meticulous art of coffee craftsmanship.

✅ Features:

  • Journey to Finca Dos Marias: Sourced exclusively from this iconic Guatemalan farm, every bean of Two Marias carries with it the region's rich heritage and deep-rooted coffee traditions.

  • Palette of Sensations: Dive deep into the enticing world of chocolate, seamlessly integrated with delightful hints of caramel. As you delve further, get intrigued by the subtle play of spices, beautifully rounded off with vibrant citrus undertones.

  • Pinnacle of Elegance: From our revered Ella Collection, Two Marias stands as a testament to our passion for curating unparalleled coffee experiences, marrying the charm of its origin with deLima's signature touch.

  • Luxurious Presentation: Elegantly packed in 10oz whole bean enclosures for unmatched freshness, or choose our 6-10oz collection, ensuring a continuous tryst with this unique blend.

🌱 A Testament to Terroir: At deLima, we believe that every coffee bean is a tale in itself. Two Marias is our narrative of the essence of Finca Dos Marias – pure, rich, and full of character.

ğŸŽ Gift of Gourmet Grandeur: Two Marias, with its nuanced flavors and story of origin, is the ideal gift for someone with an appreciation for coffee's deeper narratives.

💡 Tip: To best savor its myriad flavors, grind just before brewing and enjoy it black. This will allow each note – from chocolate to citrus – to unveil itself distinctly.

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