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Journey to Colombia with deLima Coffee's 100% Colombian Ground

🌟 Colombia's Coffee Soul, Captured 🌟 Savor the legacy of the world-renowned coffee country with our 100% Colombian blend. Steeped in a tradition that dates back over a century at deLima, every sip is an intimate encounter with Colombia's rich coffee heritage.

Tasting Notes:

  • Acidity: Bright and vibrant
  • Body: Medium, well-structured
  • Flavor: Sweet with hints of caramel and nuts
  • Aftertaste (Finish): Smooth with a lingering sweetness
  • Balance: Harmonious interplay of acidity and sweetness
  • Complexity: Subtle yet engaging with a clean profile
  • Cleanliness: Clear, defined flavors showcasing the bean's origin

🌱 The Colombian Promise: Beyond just a brew, our 100% Colombian Ground is an ode to the country's coffee legends and its undying spirit.

ğŸŽ The Perfect Gift for Coffee Connoisseurs: Introduce loved ones to Colombia's finest. It's more than just coffee; it's a journey.

💡 Tip: For an immersive experience, use clean, cold water and take a moment to breathe in the aroma before the first sip, embracing Colombia's coffee heart.

Net wt. 12oz (340g) ground coffee.

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