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Hawaiian Heartbeat: deLima's Island Brew Adventure

Taste the Aloha Spirit

Dive into the vibrant soul of the islands with our Kona Blend. A medium roast that harmoniously marries the best of 100% Arabica beans with the crown jewel of Hawaiian coffee, Kona. This blend captures the sun-kissed shores, breezy vibes, and tropical essence in every cup.


  • Island Aroma: Experience a fragrant whiff of the islands as the aroma of our Kona Blend fills your space, making every morning feel like a Hawaiian sunrise.

  • Coffee Royalty: Enjoy the richness of Kona, one of the most sought-after coffees globally, as it graces this blend with its distinct flavor profile.

  • Pure Arabica Brilliance: Crafted exclusively from 100% Arabica beans, this blend guarantees a quality brew that's both sophisticated and soulful.

  • Whole Bean Freshness: Encased in their natural form, our beans promise optimal freshness, translating into a more vivacious and flavorful brew.

  • Generous Brew: With our 2-32oz bags, savor the essence of Hawaii for days to come.

🔥 Island Elixir: Our Kona Blend isn't just a coffee; it's a vacation in a cup. It transports you to the serene beaches of Hawaii, letting you taste the tropical magic with every sip.

🎁 Gift of the Islands: For those who cherish unique and exotic brews, our 4-pound cases, holding two 2-32oz whole bean bags, emerge as a present that's both luxurious and thoughtful.

💡 Serving Suggestion: Grind the beans moments before brewing to fully unlock their island magic. Whether it's a pour-over or espresso shot, this blend stands tall, bringing Hawaii to your mug.

🛒 Embrace the Island Spirit: Enhance your coffee ritual with our 2-32oz whole bean Kona Blend. Opt for our 4-pound cases and let every brew be a ticket to the lush landscapes and warm beaches of Hawaii. ☕🌺🌴