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The Allure of Darkness: Prestige Dark Ground

Deep & Daring, Smooth & Sophisticated

Embrace the evening in your cup with our Prestige Dark Blend, a captivating composition of the finest-rated Arabica beans from Central and South America, now taken to a deeper shade of deliciousness. Crafted to perfection, every sip is a nod to those who crave just a hint more depth in their daily ritual.


  • The Darker Delight: A signature blend that elevates the Prestige to darker realms, merging the best beans for an intensified coffee rendezvous.

  • Flavor Profile: Unveil the subtle enhanced richness with a hint of sweetness, balanced with just the right touch of acidity, creating a profound impact on the palate.

  • Ground Greatness: Delve into the depths with this ready-to-brew blend, drawing you into its intriguing flavor profile.

  • Lingering Legacy: Savor the extended embrace of a warm, dissipating aftertaste that carries the heart of the darkness with grace.

  • Endless Elegance: Forty-two 2oz packets curated for those moments when only the deepest brew will do.

🔥 The deLima Promise: With our Prestige Dark Ground, we pledge a dedication to darkness, ensuring every cup is a shadowy soiree of unparalleled quality.

🎁 Elevate Every Evening: Choose from our individual 2oz ground packs or delve deeper with our 42-count 2oz case, each promising a dark and delightful coffee journey.

💡 Serving Suggestion: Steep the grounds with hot water, allowing the intense aroma to enrapture your senses before sinking into the profound pleasures of the darker roast.

🛒 Crafted for the Bold: Dive into the depths with our 2oz Prestige Dark Ground. Available as individual packs or in 42-count 2oz cases, every choice assures a deeper dimension of dedication in each drop. ☕🌑❤️

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