Premium Hotel Coffee - Ground - 42 Pack Case

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Bold & Robust: Premium Blend Ground

A Hotel Tradition in Every Cup

Unlock the time-honored secret of lavish hotels and gourmet restaurants, meticulously curated to deliver a premium coffee experience.


  • Luxurious Depth: Crafted with a heavier body, our Premium Blend beckons with rich undertones and robust flavors, a nod to its storied origins.

  • Taste Profile: Dive deep into an opulent blend boasting of deep, rich nuances and a delicate hint of sweetness. Low acidity ensures every sip is smooth and balanced.

  • Masterfully Ground: Precision-ground beans ensure consistent brewing, bringing forth the blend's every intricate detail.

  • The Hotel Legacy: Initially coined "Hotel," this blend is the very essence of elite hospitality coffee, famed for gracing the tables of luxury establishments.

  • Quality Assured: Each batch is presented in forty-two 2oz packets, upholding the high standards of hotel-grade coffee.

🔥 The deLima Promise: Our Premium Blend Ground is a testament to luxury, a flavor profile cherished and reserved for the finest establishments.

🎁 A Legacy in Every Packet: Choose from individual 2oz ground packs or embark on a luxury experience with our 42-count 2oz case, inviting you to the cherished coffee rituals of grand hotels.

💡 Serving Suggestion: Brew according to your palate's preference, allowing the distinguished taste to complement fine dining or a personal coffee moment.

🛒 Relive the Grandeur: Opt for our 2oz Premium Blend Ground, 42-count 2oz cases, and indulge in a coffee legacy like no other. ☕🏨❤️