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Deep & Intense: 100% Colombian Dark Ground

Colombian Richness, Amplified

Immerse yourself in the depths of Colombian coffee craftsmanship, now with a bolder twist to elevate your taste experience.


  • Darkened Delight: Our Excelso beans, grown in the scenic terrains of Colombia, undergo an extended roast, extracting deeper flavors and aromatic intensity.

  • Taste Profile: Venture into a full-bodied flavor spectrum, with pronounced notes of dark chocolate, rich caramel, and a hint of smokiness, reflecting the passion of Colombian growers.

  • Perfectly Ground: Consistent grinding ensures a balanced brew, extracting every nuance of the beans’ intensified character.

  • Aromatic Intrigue: Be captivated by the robust aromas of this darker roast, promising a memorable sip every time.

  • Quality Assured: Forty-two 2oz packets, meticulously prepared to give you a bolder Colombian coffee affair.

🔥 The deLima Promise: With our 100% Colombian Dark Ground, we transport you to the deeper realms of Colombia's cherished coffee traditions.

🎁 Experience the Depth: Opt for individual 2oz ground packs or journey with our 42-count 2oz case, each beckoning with a richer taste adventure.

💡 Serving Suggestion: Brew as per your preference, allowing the bold aromas to envelop, and savor Colombia's intense coffee essence.

🛒 Elevate Your Coffee Ritual: Choose our 2oz 100% Colombian Dark Ground, available singly or in the 42-count 2oz cases, and plunge into a profound Colombian coffee odyssey. ☕🌌❤️